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about clean blues

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Hi, this is Eda. Welcome to Clean Blues, my personal space where I aim to connect with blue lovers from around the world with a desire to share knowledge, consciousness and experiences.


For some years now, I’ve been working in denim. It is one of the most liberating, creative and awakening industries I must say. Meeting amazing people, discovering their sparks while exploring the magic of indigo and the amount of effort, time, energy put into what we wear is being a journey I simply love. However, going behind the scenes, accessing information I was not exposed to before, when I was solely a customer of fashion, made me realize something of huge value… the need for change.

Ever since I know myself, I’ve been a nature lover - the sea has always been my happy place, I look up to the sky whenever I'm down. So finding out that the industry I love working for contributes to damaging what I’ve been in love with all along has been really hard on me, a big struggle. This is why I’ve decided to start up Clean Blues.


I believe in a fashion universe that values its home, its people, its resources and creativity in equal measure. I want to awaken the good in people for a safe, fair and clean production of blues; so that we’ll have the clean skies and the blue oceans eternally. I’m sincerely hoping we’ll inspire and be inspired from one another.


Big Wave

Clean Blues celebrates fashion as a source of power and positive influence while questioning the once accepted industry practices and raising awareness on how small alterations in our lives can lead to big waves of positive impact.


With the era of internet and ease of accessing knowledge, it saddens to see how much room for improvement there is and how little time we have to do it. Our home is at danger and there is so much we all can do about it.


Clean Blues links the industry with the end consumer; and actually any stakeholder within the value chain. So that together we drive the positive change. This is a global consciousness awakening. We’re at tipping point for a mass change in mindset. We love fashion but we are not okay with our wardrobe exploiting people or damaging our planet.


Bringing in my personal passions towards clean blues together with fashion know-how to help contribute transformation of the current fashion ecosystem into a better version of itself by raising awareness and generating action on conscious consumerism via promoting responsibility, transparency, equality and innovation.



Core Values

.is motivated by love and passion.

.was designed in Planet Earth, to connect with authentic people worldwide and create a platform that is home to constant flow of knowledge, desires and actions.

.links the industry with the consumer to derive value; to catalyze positive change and make it stay.

.is bold and inclusive; asking social harmony and united wellness for all.

.wants the blue revolution, the human evolution.

Respect the nature, people and the artisan.

Challenge your conventional way of living.

Move away from the traditional take - make - dispose model.

Think; what was the step before? What is the next step?

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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