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let's meet.

I’m Eda - a summer lover, storyteller and daydreamer. I’m a Mediterranean soul who grew up in the seas with love and aspiration towards all things blue - crystal clear blue seas, magical blue skies, the stirring rhythm of blues that feeds us to imagining a bright blue future and the enchanting indigo which enables creativity to rediscover itself time after time. 


I work in the denim industry for a while now and I'm loving every bit of it. I’m so very passionate about our planet and the nature, and a very strong believer of creativity and new media. Lucky to have a job that brings two of my joys together, my work and the amazing people I touch base with inspire me day after day to learn, respect, realize and design environmentally consciously. I believe in a fashion universe that values its home, its people, its resources and creativity in equal measure. Being an optimist at heart, I believe collaborative consciousness and responsibility can bring the shift towards a fashion industry where we’ll celebrate creativity, ethics, and beauty all at once.

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